The Search for a WordPress Plugin to Display Code

A big part of this blog is going to be posting code snippets from various languages so I needed to find a way to display code with syntax highlighting in WordPress posts.  Finding a WordPress plugin to display code was a bit overwhelming at first.  There are a lot of plugins out there that display code and do syntax highlighting and it was difficult to know which ones were any good and what versions of WordPress they would work on (some of the last modified dates were over a year ago).  Many of them require disabling the WSIWYG editor, which is annoying.

My searching brought me to this article that listed 12 plugins.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like the look of most of the plugins on the list and the one that I did try (WP-SynHighlight) didn’t work quite right under WordPress 2.8.  At this point I decided to see if I could figure out what StackOverflow uses since I really like the syntax highlighting there.  Turns out that they use Google’s Prettify and there’s a WordPress plugin implemented with it.  That plugin also did not work well under WordPress 2.8 (the posted version is from well over a year ago).

Not to be defeated, I continued my search and found a great article from someone who actually installed and tested 8 syntax highlighting plugins.  I went right to the top of the list and installed Syntax Highlighter Plus.  I installed it and it actually worked!  I’m not thrilled with the styling on the code snippets so I’ll probably tweak it a bit, but it looks solid and it works.

Here’s the list of languages that it supports:

* Bash — `bash`, `sh`
* C++ — `cpp`, `c`, `c++`
* C# — `c#`, `c-sharp`, `csharp`
* CSS — `css`
* Delphi — `delphi`, `pascal`
* Diff — `diff`
* Groovy — `groovy`
* Java — `java`
* JavaScript — `js`, `jscript`, `javascript`
* Perl — `perl`, `pl`
* PHP — `php`
* Plain text — `plain`, `text`
* Python — `py`, `python`
* Ruby — `rb`, `ruby`, `rails`, `ror`
* Scala — `scala`
* SQL — `sql`
* VB — `vb`, ``

* XML/HTML — `xml`, `html`, `xhtml`, `xslt`

If you are going to use Syntax Highlighter Plus then you’re also going to want to grab Visual Code Editor and this article explains why.  However, if you decide to use Visual Code Editor then you need to use version 0.18 of Syntax Highlighter Plus instead of the latest version.

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